Ths Ceremony is where you connect with Orunmila /IFA The Deity of Destiny the second in command to Olodumare- God. This is where IFA reveals to you who you are? Why you are here? What Is your Purpose? What are your taboo'? And much more.  

Your Hand of IFA is part of your destiny. This is usually a two -three day ritual where IFA Priests ( Babalawo, Iyanifa, Apetebi) work together towards healing, cleansing and presenting you with your purpose in life, your personal road map, your taboos, your destiny by way of the System of IFA.

We encourage you to Sign up at for a four week course to learn further about the process- (Hand Of IFA Course Process) For more information contact an

IFA Global Representative

@ 1 770 796-0143.

We accept payment plans.

WARNING :Prices may vary. These are estimated Prices. Prices are determined during time of spiritual service.

For futher information please live chat us now! or contact a IFA Global Office Representative @

1-770-796-0143 or email

Hand Of IFA/Orunmila Ceremony Package


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